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Choose how you wish your videos to display on your website. Select formats to suit your videos, collection types, and website locations.

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We're thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature that allows you more freedom to choose how your interactive videos come to life on your website.

With our video display options, you can now tailor the appearance and layout of your videos to suit the type of videos and collections, their placement on the website, and the desired user experience.

Getting Started

1. Navigate to the Collections page on your Shoppable Video Admin Dashboard.

2. Select or create the video collection you wish to add to your website.

3. From the individual video collection's page, select 'Add to Site.' Doing so will present you with the display options to choose from.

4. Once you have chosen your display option, select 'Continue.' You will be presented first with the Ghost Core Script and prompted to add this to your website header to use Shoppable Videos.

If you have already done this, you may skip this step.

5. Next, you will be provided with a snippet for your chosen to display type. You can embed this globally across your website by adding it to the website header or embed your videos on specific pages.

Once the snippet has been added to site, your collection will display accordingly. Any updates to this collection from the Admin Dashboard will occur automatically on your website.


Every collection can be used in all formats at the same time. For example, if you wanted to add your 'New Arrivals' collection as both a widget and carousel to your website, you have the ability to do so.

For more information on how to add interactive videos to your website based on your platform, click here.

Adding a Carousel Display

Video carousels are a great way to display your Shoppable Videos on your website. A carousel style allows you to display multiple videos on your webpage and allows audiences to choose which video to engage with to start their browsing journey.

Once implemented, the Carousel will automatically display any new videos you create on the Shoppable Video Admin Dashboard and remove videos that are deleted.

Website homepages, category pages, or even a video-focused landing page are great places to leverage Ghost's carousel style to display your video collection.

Adding a Widget Display

Grab viewer attention and make your videos accessible as viewers navigate your website with a floating video widget.

Embed your widget display snippet globally across your website to give audiences access to your interactive videos at any time in their browsing journey, or embed specific video messages on certain pages.

Widgets are fantastic for video content like:

  • Welcome Messages

  • Founder Stories

  • New Launches

  • Special Promotions

  • Style Guides

  • Testimonials

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Common website locations are homepages, "About Us" pages, and support or contact pages.

The first video of the featured collection will play in a loop until the video is clicked. Users can mute and unmute the video from the widget view if desired.

Clicking into the video widget will open the video player.

Adding an Inline Display

The inline video display gives your more flexibility to incorporate interactive videos based on the layout of your desired webpage. Your videos will display on your chosen page without having to open the video player and users can easily navigate through the videos using the arrows.

The first video in the collection will play on a loop until a user clicks on the arrows to navigate the rest of the video content.

Inline video displays are a great way to feature interactive on content product pages, category pages, and your homepage, but they can really be featured anywhere!

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