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Selecting Your Video Orientation
Selecting Your Video Orientation

Choose between portrait and landscape video orientations for your video content.

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NEW: Landscape Video Orientation

  • Flexible Display: Videos in landscape can be displayed across any of our current display formats (carousel, widget, inline), while maintaining true dimensions.

  • Seamless Integration: Landscape and portrait videos can appear together, enhancing visual appeal and offering creative flexibility.

Note: Landscape orientation is only available to Ghost Pro users.

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Selecting Your Video Orientation

You can select the orientation of your video content from the Video Details page on your Ghost Admin Dashboard.

As you are creating your video, you can toggle between ‘Portrait’ and ‘Landscape’ orientations underneath “Display Options.” Use your video preview on the left side of the page for a preview of what your video will look like with that orientation.


  • Your video preview will only display the mobile version of landscape videos - so if you want the full impact of the desktop version, preview it on your website.

  • For Ghost Basic users who upload horizontal videos to Ghost, these videos will be automatically cropped to fit the vertical, portrait video orientation.

Video Orientations and Display Formats


Landscape videos can appear in unison with portrait videos in the Ghost video carousel on your website and after you click into the video player.

Floating Widgets

The floating widget will display the first video in the chosen Video Collection. If this video is using the landscape orientation, you’ll see a corresponding landscape orientation of the floating widget.


Inline player displays will showcase a vertical view of the landscape video. The top and bottom of the video will show black boxes, but the user will be able to see the full video.

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