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Creating Video Collections
Creating Video Collections

How to create individual video collections to control what videos are displayed together on specific areas of your website.

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Get specific about where your video content is displayed with collections.

Creating a video collection allows you to group chosen videos to be featured together on your website. These collections can be created and added to your website individually, allowing you to specify the videos that are displayed to customers when that collection is playing.

For example, let's say you wanted to display all of your jean videos only within the Jean category of your website. No problem! Create a Jean collection and add this to your Jean category page on your website in minutes. Now, when a customer engages with the videos on that page, they will only be able to view the videos you have selected for that location.

Give it a try!

Creating a Collection

To create a collection, navigate to your Admin Dashboard and select 'Collections' from your Menu.

Select 'Create Collection' and provide a title for your collection. This will allow you to keep all of your collections and videos organized and easy to find.

Next, select the videos that you wish to feature within this collection by clicking 'Select Videos.' Doing so will open a pop-up window where you can individually select which videos to add to this collection. Once you are finished, you can select 'Update Collection' to save your changes.

Now that your collection has been created, you can edit, delete, and modify the order of the chosen videos within the collection.

Don't forget to save your changes once you are satisfied with your selection.

Adding Videos to a Collection

You can add videos to a collection from the individual collections page or from a video page. Add videos to a collection by creating a new video or navigating to an existing video page.

From the individual video page, navigate to the right of the view and select 'Add to Collection.' Doing so will present you with a dropdown of all the collections you and your team have created. You can select which collection you wish to add your video to.

You will now see all of the collections that video is featured in listed underneath.

Adding Collections to Your Website

From the individual collection page, select 'Add to Site' to copy the collections snippet. This will allow you to display your videos within your choice of a carousel, floating widget, or in-line display. As you create and add new videos to your collection, or update your existing videos, these changes will automatically be reflected in your chosen video display.

For more information on the available display options for your video collections, click here.

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