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How to use the inline video display type.

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You can embed an inline video anywhere on your site to give viewers the ability to click into more videos that are part of a collection.

Inline videos are a great way to swap out static photos for engaging videos - doubly so when they actually inspire interactivity with the ability to click into a specific element featured in the video.

If you want your videos to just organically appear to be part of your webpage content, your best format bet is going to be inline videos.

Pro tips for Inline Displays:

  • Go for multiples: You can add more than one inline video per page. Point to a single video to focus your message, or link to a multi-video collection to drive home more insight.

  • Get flexible with your design: The beauty of inline videos is they can be placed anywhere on any page. Drop audiences into an interactive queue of videos of your choice - from UGC to demos - without taking up space.

Inline Video Use Cases

Product closeups and comparisons

Make your PDPs come to life by adding in-line videos that provide a closer look at the products in question. Help shoppers overcome indecision by comparing similar products within a video and spotlighting which one might be right for them.

Demos and tutorials

Make the user journey as informative as possible by incorporating in-line demo videos. These can showcase how a product works, its key features, or how to assemble it, all of which can be navigated easily with the widget's arrow buttons.

User-generated content

Inject authenticity into your webpage by using in-line videos of real customers unboxing products, trying on clothes, or giving reviews. This offers new shoppers a more relatable perspective on your offerings.

Customer testimonials

Highlight satisfied customers with in-line video testimonials placed strategically on your page. This allows prospective customers to gain insights from those who have already benefited from your products or services.


Answer common questions about your products by hosting FAQ videos via the in-line widget. It's a dynamic way to provide valuable information without navigating away from the product page.

Product recommendations

If you've got items that pair well together, why not feature them in an in-line video? A quick recommendation video can guide viewers to related products, increasing both customer satisfaction and average order value.

Style guides

Take your styling advice to the next level with in-line style guides. Use this widget to show customers how to get the most out of their purchases, be it clothing, furniture, or even tech gadgets.

Behind-the-scenes footage

Let your audience in on how the magic happens with behind-the-scenes videos. Whether it's the making of a product or a day in the life at your company, in-line videos make these insights easily accessible.

Blog or article educational content

Utilize in-line videos within your content to break down complex subjects or to offer a more in-depth explanation. You can even include links to further resources within the video for a more comprehensive learning experience that keeps people on your site for longer.

Team bios

Introduce your team to your audience by featuring short bio videos using the in-line widget. It adds a personal touch and allows visitors to get to know the people behind the brand. Plus, you can layout your bios as a grid of interactive videos, instead of static headshots and written bios.

Comparative reviews

If you sell products that are often compared to competitors', why not tackle it head-on? Use in-line videos for comparative reviews to show how your product stacks up, making the choice simpler for your customers.

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