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Customizing Your Ghost Videos
Customizing Your Ghost Videos

Tailor the look of your video player to match your brand. Reposition your videos to better align with the design of your web pages.

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Ghost Pro users can personalize their interactive video experiences to their brand with a host of new customization options.

Customization settings can be adjusted on a per Collection basis. This means you can have different visual settings for various parts of your site, such as a homepage widget versus a collection carousel.

Customize the Display of Video Carousels, Widgets + Inline Player

Adjust the borders, margins, and position of the Ghost video player for a cleaner integration in your existing web page design and layout. With Ghost Pro, you can customize the look of the Ghost carousel, widget, or inline display formats on a per Video Collection basis. Here’s how!


Adjust the Border Radius:

Tailor the corner radius of the Carousel Display, ranging from 0px (sharp corners) to 20px (rounded corners), to maintain consistency with other elements used on your website.

Center on Page:

Justify the carousel in the center of the page, creating a balanced display - this is also great for adding a smaller amount of videos so there is no awkward spacing on one side.

Margin Adjustment:

Set pixel spacing to the left and right of the carousel, ensuring it fits perfectly within the page layout.

Padding Between Videos:

Adjust the space between videos from 0px to 300px, allowing you to put emphasis on each individual video or create a visually appealing video mosaic.

Floating Widget

Adjust the Border Radius:

Similar to carousel settings, you can adjust the corner radius from 0px to 20px for a cohesive look across your website.

Choose Your Widget Position:

Place the widget in the bottom left or bottom right corner of the page, ensuring it does not interfere with other page elements (ex. a live chat or newsletter popup), while remaining easily accessible.

Inline Player

Adjust the Border Radius:

With a higher radius range (0px to 50px), you can achieve a more pronounced rounded corner effect, suitable for larger display areas, or sharpen corners for a sleek and modern touch to your videos.

Customizing Your Interactive Elements

Adjust colors, fonts, and background settings for your icons and links for each collection to create a video experience that’s unique to your brand.

Adjust Colors and Fonts:

  • Select from a predefined list of fonts to customize the text on your call-to-action buttons and tagged links.

  • Change the background, text, and icon colors to align with your brand's identity and create a cohesive and visually appealing experience.

Toggle Background Blur:

Choose whether to keep the background blur on for a sleek, modern look, or switch to an opaque background in the color of your choice for a more bold and defined appearance.

This update is just the beginning of what's possible with customization in the Ghost Video Player.

We are committed to continuous improvement and expansion of these features. We welcome all feedback and ideas on what additional customization options would benefit you and your audience.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us at [email protected] or through support in your Dashboard!

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