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How to use the floating video widget across your website.

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You can place the floating widget anywhere on your site as an eye-catching way to drop people into your video experience. If you want your videos to take up less space, or appear in an unexpected way on the page, then floating widgets are the way to go.

A floating widget may appear as a single video, but you can link to multi-video collections, just like you would in a carousel. The difference is, you choose the video you want your customers to view first, and they can choose to browse as much as they’d like from there.

The first video of the featured collection will play in a loop until the video is clicked. Users can mute and unmute the video from the widget view if desired.

Widgets are fantastic for video content like:

  • Welcome Messages

  • Founder Stories

  • New Launches

  • Special Promotions

  • Style Guides

  • Testimonials

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Common website locations are homepages, "About Us" pages, and support or contact pages.

Pro tips for Floating Widgets:

  • Universal or specific pages: The choice is yours! If there’s a key message you want on every page, a floating widget can be the easiest way to do it.

  • Watch and interact: Audiences don’t actually have to click into the floating widget to experience it. Your first video will loop until they click on it, and the audio can be muted or unmuted, meaning your audience can browse and learn at the same time.

  • Single or multiple videos: Floating widgets display a single video, and there’s no shame in only linking to a single video. But you can also link to a collection of videos, just like you would with a carousel.

Floating Widget Use Cases

These are some of our favorite ways to use a floating widget:

Welcome message

Roll out the red carpet for new visitors by providing a helpful welcome message that introduces your brand. Link shoppers to your bestsellers or an introduction page to help them learn more.

Founder messages or stories

Put a face to your brand by having your founder appear on camera, sharing their brand story, entrepreneur journey, or simply their favorite picks. Shoppers love connecting with the brands they shop with and video is an easy way to share your story en masse.

Flash sales and promotions

Promote your best deals, offers, and bundles using shoppable video. Create an enticing feature video that promotes your sale and get people clicking in to access savings in an interactive way.

Style guides

If you offer fashion or home decor products, a floating widget can be the perfect way to deliver style guides directly to your audience. The widget can feature a video showcasing how to mix and match outfits or stylize a room, encouraging viewers to browse and shop the whole look right there.

Book an appointment

Run a service-based business or personal styling sessions? Use the floating widget to simplify the appointment booking process. Your video can explain the services you offer, and a clickable link can guide viewers to your appointment scheduling page for a seamless experience.

Virtual personal shopping

Turn the shopping process into a personalized journey. Use the floating widget to offer one-on-one live personal shopping sessions. The widget can host a brief video "commercial" that explains how the service works. From there, viewers can click to book an appointment with a personal shopper to help guide their choices.

Virtual tours

In the real estate sector? Use Ghost's floating widget to offer virtual tours of property listings. The video can give viewers a walkthrough of the property, and if interested, they can explore more videos or get in touch for further details—all without leaving the widget.

Spotlight livestream content

Hosting a live event or webinar? Utilize the floating widget as a mini-promo space. Feature a teaser video that highlights what attendees can expect, along with a "RSVP Now" or "Join Us Live" button that takes users directly to the event page.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Social proof is invaluable for any business. Use a floating widget to show off customer testimonials or reviews. A curated video can feature happy customers sharing their positive experiences, bolstering trust and encouraging new visitors to take the plunge.

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