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How to use the Ghost Carousel display type to group and showcase your video content.

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A carousel consists of multiple videos strung together - but your audience can choose which exact video they want to watch first. Once they’ve selected a video, they can swipe (on mobile) or click (on desktop) to get to the next video.

Carousels are helpful because you can put some strategic thought into what videos go together and where they are displayed across your website.

In general, carousels are best for collections of videos. Yes, you can gather your favorite videos together in a carousel and slap it anywhere on your site. But the best way to think of a carousel is an opportunity for a viewer to go deeper on a topic - even if that topic is as broad as something like ‘new releases’. The more random your carousel, the more likely someone is to click out of it, so give audience the chance to get more of the content they’re most interested in, all in one spot.

Once implemented on your website, the Carousel will automatically display any new videos you create and add to that collection from the Ghost Admin Dashboard, as well as remove videos that are deleted.

Pro Tip for Carousels:

  • Think about the order of your videos: Audiences can click on them in any order and will be looped through, but they will always go in order after their first click.

  • Swap out carousel videos: Change it up! If you see a video is performing better than others, or you have new items you want to promote, don’t be afraid to change up what videos are featured in each carousel.

  • You can post unlimited videos per carousel: Yes the possibility of creating a seemingly ‘infinite’ wormhole of videos is possible with the carousel widget. If you have 100 product videos, you can add all 100 of them to a single carousel.

Carousel Use Cases

Here’s some of our favorite ways to use carousel videos.

Product videos

Drop multiple product videos into a single carousel, whether it’s different videos for the same product or multiple products. The videos don’t all have to be the same, but they should have something in common that’ll keep people watching - and buying!


Give new and returning customers a creative way to browse your site and be taken right to the good stuff. Spotlight your top-selling products in a single carousel placed toward the beginning of a shopper’s journey.

New releases

Spotlight the latest and greatest from your brand by promoting all new products in a single carousel. We love this one for your home page or the top of your collection pages!

Seasonal collections

Promote like or related items in a carousel to make it easy to browse through specific themes related to a specific season. For example, you could create collections for “Halloween Decor” or “Winter Boots”.

Sub-category videos

Take a broader category - like jeans or TVs - and provide a video for different sub-categories to help shoppers understand how to narrow down their choices. A clothing store could showcase a video for each cut of jean - wide, straight, skinny, flared - showcasing the different styles and recommendations for body types.

Evergreen promotional content

Feature a carousel that keeps giving year-round, whether it’s how-to videos on using your products or spotlight features on your brand's mission and history. This type of carousel is not season-specific but is always valuable to both newcomers and loyal customers alike.

User-generated content

Leverage the power of social proof by showcasing a carousel of user-generated content. From try-on hauls to unboxings, let your customers do the talking and show off your products in action. This carousel should serve as a vibrant, trust-building zone on your website.

Style guides + lookbooks

Help customers visualize a complete look by using carousels to showcase style guides or lookbooks. Each video could spotlight a different outfit or style, making it easier for shoppers to envision and purchase the entire ensemble from head to toe.

Gift guides

Holiday or event coming up? Create a carousel of gift guide videos to help customers find the perfect presents for any occasion—be it Christmas, Mother’s Day, or a milestone birthday. Each video can feature a curated set of products that fit the event’s theme.

Recipe tutorials

For food and cooking brands, carousels can work as swipeable recipe books. Each video can guide the viewer through the cooking process of a different dish, with direct links to individual product pages for ingredients or cookware used.

Travel guides

If you're in the travel or outdoor sector, use carousels to group videos by destination or activity. Whether it's "Best Beach Getaways" or "Mountain Hiking Essentials," these video carousels can provide a richer browsing experience and help viewers journey through their options more effectively.

Home decor inspiration

For those in the home and living niche, carousels can be an ideal way to showcase home decor inspirations. Display different themes like "Modern Living," "Boho Chic," or "Minimalist Spaces," allowing shoppers to explore and shop directly from their preferred aesthetic video feed.

Fitness and workout routines

For fitness brands, carousels are a great way to assemble workout routines or highlight different types of exercise equipment. Create videos for categories like "HIIT Workouts," "Yoga Essentials," or "Strength Training," linking viewers directly to the products they'll need to get started.

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