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Where should I be using video on my website?
Where should I be using video on my website?

Make sure your Ghost Videos are delivering you the most value with strategic placement across your website.

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Here are the facts:

  • 95% of a message is retained by viewers in a video vs. 10% with text.

  • 90% of shoppers say that watching a video is their go-to for purchase decisions.

  • 91% of consumers say they want to see more online videos from brands.

  • 6x higher conversion rates achieved by marketers who leverage video over text.

These stats deliver a clear case for businesses across any industry to not just create more video content, but get the most out of it by adding it tactically to certain channels, especially their website.

Why? Because your website is where customers go to get to know more about you and your products.

The good news: Ghost Videos are enabled for any website page and we make it dead simple to create and add your videos.

The bad news: If you're only adding video to your homepage, your missing out on countless opportunities to engage, educate, and convert - whether that's buying a product or enlisting your services.

Let’s dive into the options to consider.

Beyond the homepage: Educate, inspire, and drive action

Interactive videos are more than just eye-catching elements on your homepage; they are versatile assets that you can use to help educate new visitors to your website, inspire them with content about your products or services, and encourage them to take action wherever they are in their journey. From blog posts to product pages, these videos can engage your audience, provide them with valuable information at the right time, and ultimately lead to conversions - whether it’s buying a product or reaching out for an appointment.

Where else should you add videos on your website?

Understanding where to strategically place videos is key to maximizing their impact. When considering where to position videos on your website, it’s important to align content with the needs and preferences of your audience when they are at different stages of the customer journey. Let’s dive into some strategic placements and content suggestions:


  • Why it Matters: Your homepage acts as the gateway to your brand. Utilizing videos here is essential to making a strong first impression and guiding visitors through their initial exploration of your website.

  • Ideal Display Options: Utilize carousels to spotlight best sellers, new arrivals, or pull in your social feed to give that content a second life on your website. Integrate a floating video widget to provide personalized greetings or welcome messages.

  • Recommended Video Types: Welcome messages, product or services highlights, trending items, and how-to guides.

Category and Product / Services pages:

  • Why it Matters: Simplify navigation and enhance understanding to build customer confidence.

  • Ideal Display Options: Incorporate carousels to streamline browsing and utilize in-line videos to break up static images.

  • Recommended Video Types: Product closeups, property tours, tutorials, services overviews, user-generated content (reviews, testimonials, unboxings, etc.)

About Us / Contact pages:

  • Why it Matters: Establish trust and foster deeper connections with your audience.

  • Ideal Display Options: Use a floating video widget as a helpful asset that can be triggered at any time with content that answers common questions, conveys brand stories, or showcases your team’s values.

  • Recommended Video Types: Founder narratives, team bios, FAQs, behind-the-scenes, and testimonials.

Blogs / Content:

  • Why it Matters: Enhance the richness of your content and engage audiences on another level.

  • Ideal Display Options: Integrate videos within blog posts to complement text content and offer diverse learning experiences.

  • Recommended Video Types: Educational content, industry insights, product tutorials, and inspirational videos.

Global Placement:

  • Why it Matters: Maintain consistency and amplify key messages across all pages.

  • Ideal Display Options: Implement floating video widgets for universal visibility and engagement opportunities.

  • Recommended Video Types: FAQs, summary messages, promotional offers.

To sum it up, adding video to your website extends way beyond mere aesthetics. Video provides a powerful means of engaging, informing, and converting your audience at every stage of their journey with you. Harness the versatility of video content to elevate your online presence, foster connection, and drive tangible results.

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