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What types of videos should I be using to create Interactive Videos?
What types of videos should I be using to create Interactive Videos?

The best video content to make shoppable on your website.

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Wondering where to get started with interactive video? You can make any piece of video content interactive for free with Ghost.

You can opt for bite-sized videos that are shorter in length to allow for quick discovery or create longer videos to educate audiences and provide more information. The best fit for you will depend on your industry, product/service, and the desired outcome for your Interactive Video.

Like with any element of a video marketing strategy, the best approach is to get testing. Try different types of interactive video content in various display formats across different places on your website. This will give you the information needed to hone in on both engagement metrics (how long your customers are spending with certain types of content), and conversion metrics (how often audiences are converting based on what they see in an interactive video).

Some things to consider:

  • User-generated content (UGC) or videos that are created by your customers tend to be the highest performing.

  • Content that provides a peak behind the curtain of the brand and the people involved lets your viewers get to know you better, helping to foster a relationship and sense of community.

  • If product focused, make sure you are including clear shots of every product tagged and consider opting for some closeups.

  • You may wish to slow the video down where applicable to allow for easy viewing for each featured product.

Pro tip: The golden rule for any good piece of interactive content is to make sure it’s entertaining first and foremost. It should feature a strong hook at the beginning to capture attention and entice continued viewing. The job of an interactive video can vary. It can inspire customers to make a purchase, educate on a new service, entice them to take a desired next step, and more.

Extend the Life of Your Content

Generating campaign creative and posts for social media takes time and effort, and for what? To immediately swap and forget it for the next season's content or a new promotion. To let it die by scroll on your feed.

Extend the life and value of your branded content by repurposing it for your website and making it interactive. Put it to work by enhancing discovery and streamlining the path-to-action to generate more engagement, conversations, sales - whatever your objective.

  • Record + Splice Livestreams

  • Repurpose TikToks and Reels

  • Turn Campaign Creative + Product Shots into Always-On Inspiration

  • Product Comparisons

  • Founder Stories or Greetings

  • Demos

  • Market Updates

Showcase Creator + User-Generated Content

Highlight the creativity of your loyal brand community beyond your social media feed.

Use creator and user-generated content to generate interactive videos that inspire, inform, and can live anywhere on your website. Build goodwill and brand loyalty amongst your customers with curated content.

  • Video Testimonials / Reviews

  • Community Events

  • Unboxing Videos

  • Try-On Hauls

  • Product Tutorials

  • Buying / Style Guides

The creative uses for interactive video are endless. Want more inspiration? Check out our Ebook with 300+ Video Ideas for more inspiration.

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