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Adding and Removing Users
Adding and Removing Users

Make Shoppable Videos flexible for everyone on your team to use and collaborate on content with additional company users.

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Build your team so you can divide and conquer to bring your videos to life on your website. Just head to Settings in your Admin Dashboard to get started!

As an Admin user on Shoppable Videos within your company you will have access to all existing users, as well as the ability to invite new users to join your team.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page within your Ghost Shoppable Video Admin Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to the Users section and select “Invite User.”

  3. Input a valid email address for the individual that you wish to invite to use Shoppable Video and select “Send Invite.” You will then receive a confirmation notice at the top of the page to verify the email invitation was sent.

  4. From the Users section of your Settings page, you will now see the individual’s email and their invite status as “Pending.”

Once the user has accepted their invitation and has completed their account set up, their status will switch to Active and their name will be displayed.

Should you wish to remove a user from your Shoppable Video Admin Dashboard, navigate to the far right of the user details within the User Section and select the red icon. You will then be asked to confirm your decision to delete this user.

Note: The company Owner cannot be deleted or reassigned to another user.

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