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Performance Impacts + Best Practices
Performance Impacts + Best Practices
Written by Logan Randell
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GhostRetail has designed Interactive Videos with minimizing potential impacts to site performance in mind. We have dedicated time to extensively testing the potential performance impact of Interactive Video technology both independently and working with partners such as Shopify throughout the application development process. In an isolated environment, we have recorded results indicating a minimal overall site impact (<1%) using industry standard tools such as Google Lighthouse.

Interactive Video's impact can be divided in to two main categories; the static impact of resources such as our core script, and a dynamic impact that corresponds to user interaction with the product such as the length or format of uploaded videos.

GhostRetail's Core Script carries a resource size of ~293 KiB, producing a relatively minor static impact to overall site performance when embedded.

To mitigate the dynamic impact of Interactive Videos, we recommend using shorter content (15-30 seconds) for the first two videos in your embedded collection, as our Carousel and Widget display types only load a single video at a time outside the video player, while our Inline display type loads a single additional video. Shorter videos can help to reduce any potential performance impact while a visitor is browsing the site, while allowing for longer content later in the experience when said visitor actively engages with the Interactive Video player.

For additional information on content best practices, please visit here.

Furthermore, Interactive Video's impact on a site's performance is significantly influenced by the quality of the site where the technology is being implemented. The integration and performance impact of Ghost's Interactive Videos can vary greatly depending on aspects of the website's design and infrastructure. Below are some key factors and best practices to keep in mind to reduce any potential impact.

Best Practices for Website Performance

Website Optimization: Well-optimized websites, with efficient code, optimized images, and proper use of caching, can handle the additional load of Interactive Videos more effectively. A poorly optimized website may struggle with the added complexity and size of video content, leading to more pronounced performance issues.

Mobile Optimization: Given the increasing prevalence of mobile internet usage, a site's mobile optimization level will impact how effectively it can deliver Interactive Video content without compromising performance.

Existing JavaScript and CSS: The amount and efficiency of existing JavaScript and CSS can also affect how well a site can incorporate Interactive Videos. Overloaded or inefficient scripts can exacerbate performance issues when new elements are added.

User Experience Design: The overall design of the website, including layout, user flow, and interaction design, influences how seamlessly Interactive Videos integrate into the user experience. A well-designed site can better accommodate such features without disrupting user engagement.

Lazy Loading: Lazy loading Interactive Videos can help to reduce the performance impact for site visitors when the GhostRetail experience is not on screen. Lazy loaded Interactive Videos are served to visitors on-demand when necessary and do not have an impact on the initial page load speed or resource allocation when navigating a site.

Regular Maintenance and Updates: Sites that are regularly updated and maintained are more likely to have the latest web technologies and optimizations that support the efficient integration of new features like Interactive Videos.

In summary, the extent to which Interactive Videos can impact a site's performance is dependent on the videos themselves as well as the underlying quality and setup of the website. Therefore, for optimal integration of such technologies, it's important to maintain a high-quality, well-optimized, and regularly updated website infrastructure.

For additional assistance in understanding the impact of Interactive Video on your site, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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