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Performance Reporting for Interactive Video
Performance Reporting for Interactive Video

Supercharge your interactive video strategy with real-time performance insights.

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With multi-level reporting within your Ghost Admin Dashboard, you now have in-depth insights into how your individual videos are performing, enabling you to take your video content strategy to new heights.

Let’s walk you through the new sections of your Ghost Dashboard.

Performance Dashboard

Here, you’ll find an overview of the performance of all your videos. You can use the Date Range selector to dial in on a specific date window.

On your reporting dashboard you’ll receive insights on the following data points:

  • Total Impressions: The total number of times your videos have been viewed.

  • Total Plays: The total number of times your videos have been engaged and played.

  • Total Clicks: The total number of featured link clicks across all of your videos.

  • Total Playtime: The total accumulated playtime your videos have received since they were published to your website.

You’ll also find your Top 5 Performing Videos listed below to keep track of which videos are your MVPs!

With our Ghost Pro tier, you can also unlock an Engagement Score for each of your videos. The Engagement Score is calculated through play count and viewer retention. If users skip the video or only watch small amounts it will result in a lower score than those that get watched in full and more frequently.

To learn more about upgrading to our Pro tier check out our Pricing page.

You can also contact [email protected] or reach out via our live support chat.

Video Manager Analytics

You’ll notice some new columns on your Video Manager page. Here you can see a high level view of your video's performance.

Click into the Video Details page to get an in-depth look at how your individual video is performing and where there might be opportunities to optimize your content.

Video Details Page

Beyond the columns on your Video Manager page, you’ll get even more details when you go into each video. From your Video Details page, you can see the Plays, Clicks, and total Playtime for the video, as well as the ranking of the featured links and how many clicks each has had.

Have a question or feedback? Reach out to [email protected].

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