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Ghost Pro Engagement Score
Ghost Pro Engagement Score

Learn how you can unlock your Engagement Score with Ghost Pro and how it is calculated.

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By upgrading to Ghost Pro for as little as $29/month, you'll unlock advanced features like conversion tracking for Shopify users and additional video metrics. This helps you better understand what content your audience loves so you can make more of it.

Enter our Engagement Score.

What is an Engagement Score?

What’s an Engagement Score you ask? Your Engagement Score will give you a ranking from 0-100% based on your video Plays and the amount of the video users watch and engage with.

Know which parts of your video are captivating viewers and where they drop off, gaining valuable insights to refine your video strategy and boost viewer retention.

Where can I find Engagement Scores?

Once you upgrade your account to a Pro account, you can see the Engagement Score for each of your videos in the following locations within your Ghost Admin Dashboard.

  • Ghost Dashboard Homepage next to your Top Performing Videos.

  • Video Manager page next to each video.

  • Video Details page, on the right side of the screen under Performance.

Haven't upgraded to Pro?

👉 Try it out for FREE. Sign in to your Ghost account and click Unlock Pro to claim your trial. You can also head to Settings, Billing + Plan to get started.

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