Conversion Tracking for Shopify

Setting up conversion tracking for your Shopify store in the Ghost Admin Dashboard.

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As a Shopify user with Ghost Pro, you can measure the impact of your video content on your bottom line with conversion tracking.

Find out how you can set up conversion tracking for your videos with the steps below.

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1. Sign in to your Ghost Admin Dashboard and head to the Settings page from your menu.

2. Navigate to the Installation section on your Settings page.

3. In a separate browser tab, open your Shopify Admin and go to Settings > Checkout.

4. Under the Order Status page, you will see the Additional Scripts section.

5. Navigate back to the tab with your Ghost Admin open and copy the code provided under Shopify Conversion Settings.

6. Paste the code in the Additional Scripts section and click 'Save.'

7. You're all set! Your conversion metrics will display after the first order that was influenced from one of your videos is placed.

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