How To Embed an Interactive Video HTML Section on Your Shopify Site
Written by Logan Randell
Updated over a week ago

Please ensure that you have downloaded the attached Ghost Interactive Video Section code below before following the outlined implementation steps.

All Interactive Videos added to your site following this method will automatically display in a carousel style. To ensure best results, it is recommended that you implement a minimum of 5 Videos when following this method.

  1. Navigate to and login to your site

2. Once logged in, navigate to Online Store > Themes > Edit Code.

3. Navigate to Sections > Add a New Section.

4. Name your new liquid section “Shoppable-Video or Ghost-Video.”

5. Paste the Ghost Video Section code over any pre-populated content and click


6. Navigate to and sign in.

7. From the Videos page, create or edit a Video.

8. From the Video editing page, once you have completed your video creation, click "Save."

9. From the left-hand navigation menu, go to Collections.

10. Click "Add to Site" to select your Display Type, then click "Continue."

11. Copy the generated Video Snippet.

12. Navigate to Online Store > Themes > Customize.

13. Navigate to the location you would like to add your Interactive Videos to and click Add Section > Shoppable Videos or whatever you chose to name it.

14. Paste your Video Snippet in the ‘Video Snippets’ section.

15. Click “Save”, ensure your Ghost Videos section is visible, and enjoy!

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